Earth Week Digest: A Days Outing, Party for the Planet, and Everybody Eats

Party for the Planet:

Earth day is tomorrow, and if you haven’t already made plans, how about attending a Party for the Planet at your local zoo or aquarium? Your local AZA-accredited zoo or aquarium is the ideal place to connect with conservation in your community. Party for the Planet festivities will feature environmental education activities, amazing animal encounters and fantastic family fun.

Everybody Eats:

Today, whilst reading the ethicurean, I stumbled across a link to a Yes! Magazine article describing how a community food system works. The article was titled Everybody Eats and has a pretty cool downloadable poster that very nicely illustrates how a local food system can work (teachers: use this in your classroom, parents: show your kids).

FoodSystem_Poster11x17.jpg Now I know that Earth Day isn’t normally associated with feasting (like Christmas or Thanksgiving), but why not start a trend? I like to eat good food, and in my opinion, good food comes from local sources. So this Earth Day, get together with friends and family and have a locally-sourced potluck or holiday feast!

A Days Outing:

So Mothers Day (and Earth Day!) is coming up and you need to think of
something to do for your dear ole’ mom. You could buy her flowers, get
her a pedicure or something mundane like that- – or you could take her out to the great outdoors! If you live in the DC area you can use this new website called “A Days Outing
(currently in Beta version, and soon to be expanded to the mid-Atlantic
and throughout the country), to plan a day trip by revealing the
undiscovered special events and unique destinations that are all around
us, whether they are thirty minutes or a few hours away.

A note from the creators of A Days Outing:

As mothers who schedule outings for our families and weekend
getaways with our husbands, we wanted an online resource that easily
brought together all the best events and unique destinations that we
knew must be around us.  While there are many newspaper, magazine and
websites, they offer only bits and pieces of information about events
and destinations, and they provide no way to search for activities
based on location, interests and how far you want to travel.  With our
busy, hectic lives, we need to make the most of the time we have with
our family and friends. We wanted one resource that brought all the
events and destinations together and would map them for us.

Once again, stay tuned for more great posts throughout the week!

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