Explore the Southern Line Islands with Enric Sala and Oceans Now!

sala07-in.jpgMy Wonderful World and National Geographic invite you to follow Enric Sala on his journey to the Southern Line Islands deep in the South Pacific. While there, Dr. Sala and a team of scientists will study and catalog one of the world’s last marine ecosystems “untouched” by humans. The islands present an example of what the oceans looked like hundreds of years ago–before human impacts–and, therefore, will offer a glimpse of how a healthy marine ecosystem should really work… and how to best keep it that way.

The website, which launches later today, will feature a layout enabling visitors to interact directly with the crew of the expedition and view daily photos, videos and stories.

So what are you waiting for? Get ‘on board’ by going to Oceans Now!  

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3 thoughts on “Explore the Southern Line Islands with Enric Sala and Oceans Now!

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  2. Laura – -The phrase “untouched by humans” is, unfortunately, kind of a myth. The reality of the situation is this: humans have impacted every square inch of the planet with such things as nuclear fallout, agricultural runoff, coal emissions, etc. The scope of human impact is almost unimaginable. – – Cameron

  3. This is so interesting. I’ve always been curious about places on this earth that are untouched by humans. I wonder if these places would have some sort of primordial atmosphere about them. No pollution, no ecological damage. How amazing. Of course, I’ve always wanted to travel to such a place, but then it would be ruined! Many, many years ago a place near the north pole called Ellesmere Island was uninhabited and untouched by humans. But it was not to be for much longer, for researchers went to the island to categorize the indigenous animal species living there. They found a one-of-a-kind mountain goat among other animals not to be found anywhere else.
    So amazing.

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