A Late Winter Storm Slams the East Coast

This weekend, the East Coast was pummeled by a vicious winter storm. The disturbance began in the Southeastern U.S. yesterday, dropping as much as 8 inches of snow in states that traditionally do not see much if any at all. On Sunday, Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in South Carolina and Richmond International Airport in Virginia were closed for snow removal from runways. Atlanta also received roughly six inches of snow.

A time lapse video of a New Jersey backyard

Further North, states such as Massachusetts and Connecticut are
expected to receive up to 15 inches of snow, a prospect that has put
some cities on edge. There have been numerous precautionary measures
taken at airports, school closings and traffic delays including one traffic jam in North Carolina that is reported to be fifteen miles long.

Despite being in the South, Georgia received it’s fair share of snow

Here in D.C., we had an expected accumulation of ten inches, but it
looks like we may have peaked at about six. Despite the inclement
weather, the Federal Government remains open and business in Washington
proceeds as usual.

The snow obscures this commuter’s look of despair

How many of you readers live on the East Coast? How are you coping with
the weather? Some of my friends down South have reported seeing
‘overjoyed’ citizens playing in the snow, having snowball fights. One
friend even saw a man having a snowball fight with his dog… not sure
how that works but I’m sure it would have been a funny thing to watch.

Cameron for My Wonderful World

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