Five for Friday: Actually, Four for Friday, and One heartfelt goodbye

Won’t you be my neighbor?

empty lots.JPGNot only has the ailing economy affected our pocketbooks, but it has also changed our built environment. Here in Rio Vista, California, the housing market crash has halted development of this subdivision. Elsewhere in the world, similar scenarios are being played out in the form of abandoned high rises, derelict shopping malls and unfinished luxury resorts.

A new daily brief serves to inform Obama of international economics, geography


To understand geographically specific economic systems is to understand
crucial relations between nations, and nobody realizes this more than
President Obama. The daily brief, which Obama began to receive on
February 25th, will report on economic developments in foreign
countries that could affect U.S. security and foreign policy.

Auction stirs up nationalistic anger in China

When Christies announced that they were going to auction off two 18th
Century Chinese statues from the late Yves St. Laurent collection,
China was understandably furious. The two antiquities, fountainheads of
a rabbit and a rat, disappeared from China when French and British
Allied forces pillaged Beijing’s Old Summer Palace during the second
Opium War in 1860. According to the Chinese, the statues are part of
their national heritage, and should be returned to the country. What do
you think? Who has the rights to these cultural artifacts?

Climate change activists seek ‘power shift’ in D.C.

Powershift Postcard.jpg

This weekend 10,000 climate change activists, mostly college students,
will descend on the U.S. capital for the largest ever collective action
on climate change in the United States. Activists have planned two
separate events: a youth-led conference known as Powershift and a
large-scale protest of civil disobedience at a coal-burning power plant
on Capitol Hill. The gatherings are intended to capture President
Barack Obama’s attention and urge Congress to pass a climate change
bill this year.

Source: Worldwatch Institute

A heartfelt goodbye to our very own Bethany

It is again that time where we must say goodbye another intern.
Bethany, who has been writing for My Wonderful World for the last 6
months, is moving on to big new things. However, before she leaves, she
decided to share with us a short list of her favorite things. So please
read on, think about your favorite things and wish Bethany the best in
her travels. Thanks B!

Favorite spot in DC: My new love is Eastern Market; the food, the fun times and a sweet view of the Capitol- I highly recommend it.  
Favorite travel destination in the world:  Anywhere I haven’t
been yet, but if I had to pick a favorite from past memory, Durango,
Colorado would surprisingly be tied with my travels in Italy.  I went
to Durango when I was 13 and pretended to hate it for my parents (hi
Mom!) but secretly enjoyed it.
Family migration history: Germany.  Langweilig. (Boring.)
Favorite Geographic Term: TIGER data! Rar!
Favorite Geography Folk: The My Wonderful World blog readers and MWW team – I will miss you all. Thanks for reading along for the last 6 months!

Cameron for My Wonderful World

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