Reader Question: Geographic Learning at Home

“I have a student who has three interests in life: science, animals, and media. Can you suggest any cool software programs that her parents can purchase for home or that I can buy for the classroom? She is a very, very bright kid, mature, and academically super advanced.”

Mariana Mujica-Parodi, 4th Grade Teacher, Washington D.C.

WildlifeFilmmaker.jpgHi Mariana,
There are loads of resources available on the My Wonderful World and National Geographic websites–for free! Here’s a list of some online learning tools relating to science, animals, and media:

  • My Wonderful World Fun & Games for Kids
  • National Geographic Kids: Check out the many great sections of the website including animals, activities, photos, videos, and games.
  • National Geographic’s Jason Project offers full science curriculum and support for classroom teachers, as well as tools for at-home learning like the Resilient Planet game.
  • National Geographic’s Animals page features photo galleries and a Wildlife Filmmaker where you can create and share your own nature movies using National Geographic stock video and audio clips.

Those are just a few ideas. MWW parents and educators: Do you have suggestions of other software programs for Mariana and her students?

 Sarah Jane for My Wonderful World

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