Youth Media Blog-a-Thon: Wrap Up

As part of the Youth Media Blog-a-Thon, the My Wonderful World team has been sharing our insights on the topic of regime change. For the past week we’ve reflected on how the American youth initiated change and how we believe they can sustain it.  
We couldn’t think of a better way to wrap-up the week than by highlighting your responses to our first question on Monday:
What issues do you hope Obama tackles in his first 100 days in office?

barack_obama_-_white_house.jpg As part of our Five for Friday series, we’ll share our five favorite replies:  

•    Education: “I think the first issue we need to tackle is our schools. Obama should work closely with educators and administrators to reform the system of NCLB so that it benefits students first.”
•    Economy: “To revitalize the economy, Obama should immediately create government-funded infrastructure projects that embrace green technology and sustainable development.”
•    Environment: “I don’t think we can afford not to focus on the environment. We can not go on like we have been or else we will deplete it all and have to revert back to the 19th century. [I’m thinking of oil] Sounds harsh and unrealistic, I’m sure, but that’s how I see it”
•    Immigration: “I want to see some serious statements made about immigration reform. I hope Obama will find a way to protect our nation but also address the fact that our economy thrives on the work of immigrants (both at the bottom and top of the “food chain”)  
•    Security: I hope Obama can formulate real world solutions to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We owe it to the citizens of both countries, to every service member and to ourselves to focus on foreign policy that works.

Thanks for participating, and don’t forget to check out our previous posts that track the long road to change.

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-MWW Team

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