My Wonderful World Joins Fifth Annual Youth Media Blog-a-Thon


To kick-off this week’s transition to our new blogging home-sweet-home, My Wonderful World is participating in an exciting blog-a-thon.

The blog-a-thon, organized by YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia and Wiretap, is a “multimedia collaboration of youth perspectives.”

The topic: regime change.
A new administration based on change entered the White House on January 20th. The youth of America played a huge part in the success of Obama’s campaign, but how will we sustain the energy and support in keeping the new administration on task?

Get ready for a week of posts from your favorite hip My Wonderful World staffers, as well as a few treats from our guest blogger friends.

Topics to be covered include:

–Translating fervor into action: lessons from the 2008 campaign trail
–Pop culture images of Barack Obama
–A community organizer’s focus on “local”
–The new administration’s use of new media
–Geographic implications of presidential travel

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We hope you’ll follow along and weigh in throughout the week as we
engage in discussion of these timely issues with friends across the

To get the neuronal gears turning today, we’re starting with a question for YOU:

What issues do you hope Obama tackles in his first 100 days in
office? Why are they important to you, and why should they be important
to him?

Send your responses to: We’ll feature the most
thoughtful suggestions, along with the MWW staff’s priorities for
Obama, on Friday to wrap up our week of avid blogging.

Hope to see you back here in our online forum!

–The My Wonderful World Team

Images courtesy Youth Outlook MediaShepard Fairey.

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