Dear Mr. President

After a full day of participating in inauguration festivities here in D.C. on Tuesday, I returned to the office Wednesday morning to find the following email in my inbox from the ONE Campaign (an initiative to combat poverty and preventable disease–particularly AIDs in Africa–famously co-founded by U2 frontman Bono]:

“Dear, Sarah,
More than 100,000 ONE members signed our petition to Barack Obama, asking him to make a strong statement about global poverty in his inaugural address. And he did exactly that.
Now it’s time to send him a thank you note.”

And I obliged. Here’s my letter to Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

Many thanks for your steadfast, heartfelt speech at the inauguration
Tuesday, and particularly your statements re: global poverty, the green
economy, and education. I was honored to stand among my countrymen (and thousands of others from around the world) on the National
Mall and take part in this historic event. Best of wishes in ’09 and into the
future, and please continue to let us know how We–the American People–can
contribute to creating a more perfect union. Fired up… and ready to go!

Sarah Jane

What did YOU think of President Obama’s speech at the inauguration? Let us know!


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