Happy Holidays, Hon

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for HUBCAPCHRISTMAS.jpgWhile home for the holidays in Baltimore, I ventured to 34th Street in the Hampden neighborhood for some Christmas light-seeing.  I was tired of manicured trees and ‘polite’ decorations, so 34th Street was refreshing with its animated reindeer, bright lights and army of inflatable Santas.

This single block has gone Christmas-crazy for 61 years, starting with one house on the corner and spreading down the street. It has since attracted media attention, local tourists, and a slew of vendors.

Despite news coverage at the beginning of the season, this block remains one of Baltimore’s best-hidden treasures.  Tucked away in an unassuming part of town and unseen from main roads, the majority of this block’s popularity is spread through word-of-mouth from one Baltimorean to the next, and is very much a local creation.  Somehow the iconic and familiar faces of the holidays transform into something distinctly “Baltimore” as residents showcase their personal artwork, display Christmas memorabilia from travels abroad, or add a few pink flamingos to the holiday mix.  After strolling for a little bit, I felt a reinvigorated sense of holiday spirit, a little pride for Baltimore, and extreme gratitude for my relatively cheap electric bill. 

For the official “Miracle of 34th Street” site, check out ChristmasStreet.com and remember to brush up on your “Bawlmerese” if you’re planning a visit…hon.

Be sure to let us know of the holiday traditions in your own town!
~Bethany for My Wonderful World

Image courtesy of Flickr.com

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