A Look Back: “Top 10 Most Important Geographical Events of 2008”

About.com_top10of08PICTURE1.jpgAbout.com’s Geography expert Matt Rosenberg recently compiled a great list of the “10 Most Important Geographical Events of 2008.” The list recalls Kosovo’s independence last February, the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the summer, and geography’s huge role in the race for the U.S. Presidency.                                                        
From the way 2009 has begun, Matt won’t be scavenging for material come December.  Only 5 days into the New Year and already Israel initiated air strikes in Gaza, Washington D.C. inaugural officials created a giant map to plan for January 20th visitors, and a new U.S Embassy re-opened in Bagdad. Looks like it’s going to be an exciting year!

What do you think was the most important geo-news of ’08?  Any predictions for ’09?  Let us know, and be sure to check out Sarah’s interview with Matt, conducted during Geography Awareness Week!

~Bethany for My Wonderful World

Image courtesy of Clive Rose of Getty Images

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