Hotspots Guestblogger Ozlem Esckiocak: Take the UN Foundation’s Youth Cimate Pledge!

Today we welcome Olzem Esckiocak from the UN Foundation, one
of our My Wonderful World Coalition member organizations. Ozlem shares details of the People Speak, “a
campaign to engage young people on the global issues that will shape their
future,”and the Youth Climate Pledge. The Youth Climate Pledge is a People
Speak outreach initiative designed to empower young people in the battle
against global climate change.


Join together by
signing the Youth Climate Pledge

By Ozlem Esckiocak, UN Foundation

I have always been fascinated by the differences as well as
the similarities between all people living under the same sky.  When we work together and take action for the
global issues we care about, we reinforce that fact that we live in one world
and that we are all affected by our environment.

The United Nations Foundation believes strongly in connecting young people
from all around the world and encouraging them to address the global problems
we are facing together.  For the last two
years we have been focusing on the issue of young people getting active on
climate change.  We know that this is an
issue that everyone – no matter if you live in Brooklyn, NY or  Durban, South Africa –
has a stake in. We have seen through the Global Debates, our
program that engages high school students from more than 80 countries in
discussion about global issues, that these problems need to be addressed hand
in hand with global citizens. Geography
Awareness Week
is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce our ability to work
together, starting at a young age, to combat global challenges through
awareness, advocacy, and action.

This is just one of the reasons why we want (you)th to take advantage of the UN Foundation’s Youth
Climate Pledge
.  This petition,
developed by youth activists from all over the world, is a single way to share
a unified voice and put the power in students’ hands to encourage their
families, schools, communities and governments to change their behaviors and become
part of the solution!

It is
certain that youth all over the world have an invaluable role in building
dialogue and action based on understanding.
Starting with something simple like a unified pledge gives us a base
from which to build all our bigger efforts. Even if we cannot communicate in
person, we can communicate by voicing our support together.

Sign the Youth Climate Pledge today and work to maintain a
sustainable environment together with people who share the same world!


We are delighted to provide this opportunity for
young people to take action on behalf of global hotspots. Many thanks to Ozlem
and our friends at the UN Foundation!

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