Celebrate with Friends of World Heritage!


To help with our celebration of human cultures, Shawn Parell, communications associate with the UN Foundation’s Sustainable Development group, explains why World Heritage sites (selected for both cultural and natural values) are so important to both protect and explore–virtually or in person!

To help celebrate this
year’s Geography Awareness Week, test your geography knowledge using the
Friends of World Heritage TravelPod “How
Well Do You Know Your World
” game, featured on My Wonderful World’s Geography Awareness Week website.
The game is a fun, informative (and addictive!) way to test your knowledge and
brush up on those lesser-known World Heritage sites.

Whether you have kids of
your own, or, are just a big kid yourself, promoting geography education is a
great way to learn about World Heritage sites, which span the globe and include some of the most unique
and important cultural and natural places on earth
. There are 878 World Heritage sites in 145
countries around the world.

World Heritage
sites belong to all of us
. Through Friends of World Heritage, you can help protect these natural and cultural
wonders of the world, explore
the majesty of these places recognized for their outstanding value to humanity,
and experience for
yourself the marvels of World Heritage. Learning more about these sites enables
people young and old to appreciate how landscapes are created, the diverse
cultures of people living around the globe, and how our actions can impact our
environment and fellow global citizens.


Visit www.friendsofworldheritage.org
to add your name to the Responsible Traveler Pledge and download Responsible
Travel Tips. And click
here to play the TravelPod game now
! Find out your World Heritage
and challenge your friends to beat your score!


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  1. For starters my name is Meredith and I think you are on the dot when you said heritage is important because I think people should know more about their heritage and world geography. Also I tried the game “How Well Do You Know Your World”, and like you said, it really is fun and is excellent for someone who studies geography and wants to test their knowledge.

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