Five for Friday: Five Reasons to Celebrate Geography Awareness Week


What else do you have
to celebrate?

The third week in November is typically reserved for digging
up old Thanksgiving recipes and preparing your home for the invasion of hungry
family members. Otherwise, this week is
a bust without the celebration of geography. You could celebrate Button Day on Sunday, Danny Devito’s birthday on
Monday the 17th, or pay homage to the delicious pop tart that was
invented 43 years ago on Wednesday (which would ruin your Thanksgiving Day
appetite!). Clearly, Geography Awareness Week is your best choice.

Geography is cheap!
Don’t have ten dollars to spend on the new Bond movie this
week? Celebrating geography is fun,
cheap and easy. Join the millions of
schools and communities across the nation that are making geography a priority. Check out different cultures, global
hotspots, and the exciting careers with our KMZ Google
Earth Tours
. These tours have you
flying to dozens of different countries in 20 minutes or less–it’s free, fun,
and something that even the best Bond couldn’t accomplish.

You have an excuse to
take a vacation
Depending on your negotiation skills, you could convince
your boss or teacher that you simply must
take vacation during Geography Awareness Week. To fully understand the
connection between people and places, you have to immerse yourself in the
culture. This year, Geography Action’s educational theme for schools during
Geography Awareness Week is, “The Americas” which just happens to include all
of the Caribbean islands and glorious coast lines of the western
hemisphere. And since the Week is a
federal proclamation, it would be of the utmost patriotism to celebrate properly.

Prince William of Wales will be

Prince William might not have the temper of King Henry VIII,
but he might get a little piffed if you ignore geography all together. The
Prince graduated with a Master of Arts in Geography from St. Andrew’s
University in Scotland before going into the Royal Air Force. Don’t plan on going to Great Britain
any time soon? You still might want to brush up on your geography in case you
run into Michael Jordan in the U.S.;
he was a geography major as well.

You don’t want to end
up on “Jay Walking,” or like those other
geographically illiterate Americans.

What could be more embarrassing than to make a huge gaffe in
front of your friends and family at a social gathering, or heaven forbid, on
TV? Instead, why not impress your friends and family with all of your newfound
geographic knowledge that you learned during Geography Awareness Week. Better yet, follow up with an even BETTER
geographic question for Mr. Leno to answer himself. No one messes with your
geographic dignity!

Check back next week for numerous postings and great
resources. Geography Awareness Week
countdown: T – 2 days!!

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