MWW Has a New Friend: GeoCarta Blog

We’ve just added a new blog to our ‘roll: GeoCarta.

GeoCarta features
articles relating to topics of surveying, mapping (cartography), navigation,
and geotechnologies. Examples of recent post titles include: “Mapping Minefields in Angola ,” “Self-Driving Auto Navigates Streets of
San Francisco
” “GPS System
Vulnerable to Fake Signals
“and “Welsh
Hikers Make Mountain out of Hill

One of the stories I found most interesting, and timely, was
a piece on Colorado’s use of GIS (Geographic
Information System) to prepare for last month’s Democratic National Convention
in Denver. The article describes how state
officials at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) worked with the National
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and a group called DenverGIS to create
real-time maps of information including road closures, demonstrations, security
forces, and scheduled events. The maps, visible in Google Earth, helped
convention planners, security personnel, medical professionals, and other
officials evaluate and respond to ever-changing circumstances typical of an
event of such magnitude. I don’t know whether GIS technology was similarly
employed by coordinators of the Republican National Convention (RNC) in
St.Paul, Minnesota.
In light of the significant security and logistical challenges posed by large
numbers of demonstrators at the event, however, I’m betting planners will opt
to use it in the future!

GeoCarta is edited by Roger Hart, president of Area
Surveying and long time land surveyor in the state of Texas. Check
it out
for the full story on the Democratic Convention, and much more!

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