Keeping up with the Jensses


It’s not easy keeping pace with this jet-setting family of
four on their year-long trip around the world. Earlier in the summer, we introduced you to the Jenss family; Dad
Rainer, Mom Carol, and boys Tyler (11) and Stefen (8). By our first post, they had already traveled
the scenic coastline of Maine,
eaten the “best
” in Chicago, and seen the
roaming bison of the Badlands
. Since
then, the Jensses have made their way across the United
States, exploring national parks like Yellowstone
and Glacier,
trekking around cities like Seattle
and San
, and learning how to surf on the islands of Hawaii. The family has finished their American tour,
and is now in China exploring
the Inner
Mongolian Desert
and enjoying delicious rice and dumplings in Beijing.

Both the parents and the kids keep a travel blog and post
their thoughts regularly. Before they
ventured across the Pacific, the family listed the best and the worst parts of
their American road trip. While the
parents complained about crowded trails and the lack of home-cooked meals, the
boys affectionately wrote about tourist attractions and pizza. Therein lies the beauty of travel; you can
stand next to someone and experience completely different things!

However, the entire family mentioned the wonderful diversity
of the American landscape in their blogs. The boys talked about spectacular views and the unique qualities of each
state, while Rainier acknowledged there might be some truth to the notion that America
has so
much to see, there’s no need for foreign travel.

Clearly, the family isn’t about to take that last piece of
advice, but their enthusiasm for traveling the country encourages us to
rediscover our own backyards, and possibly our neighbor’s (just ask permission

We’ll keep you updated on the Jensse’s progress. Next stop: Japan.  And for the latest day-to-day action, visit National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel and Global Bros blogs.

In the mean time, I’d love to hear how you
and a friend or family member have experienced the same place in a different
way. I look forward to hearing your travel
stories – they’re the best kind!

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