Outstanding Resource of the Week: National Geographic Kids Videos

Journey to ancient ruins high in the mountains of Peru. Unlock
the secrets of rock art produced by the oldest continuous civilization on
Earth. Learn about conservation efforts in the Canadian Rain Forest.

Geographic Kids
offers videos
on a variety of compelling topics such as people and places, science and space,
animals, and the environment. All are short, (1 to10 minutes) accessible, and
appealing for a wide range of audiences, making them great for use in the
classroom, or to watch with the kids at home (or for doing “research” at work)!


My personal favorites are the people and places cultural
pieces; I delighted in revisiting Kakadu National Park,
where I traveled during my time abroad in Australia, and having the chance to
refresh my memory on Aboriginal rock art and the esoteric concept of “Dreamtime.” I
also enjoyed the video about Machu Picchu,
the “Lost City
of the Incas,” where my twin sister studied abroad in South
America. The clip focused on tensions between the economic
benefits and potential pitfalls of soaring tourism at the World Heritage Site, an issue of
critical interest and importance to geographers.

Check out all the videos today, and tell us which ones you
like best! Just don’t get too distracted
during the work day (if you’re like me, you won’t be able to watch just one)!

One thought on “Outstanding Resource of the Week: National Geographic Kids Videos

  1. These videos are a WONDERFUL resource. I would not get any work done if I kept watching. National Geographic has so many amazing things for kids!

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