Featured Fan Photo

asked fans to submit their photos showcasing our Wonderful World on the MWW Facebook page, and they delivered! Now, we’ve chosen our favorites from the
group and we’re featuring them on the blog.

first comes from Jake Krong of Vail, Colorado,
a long time friend of the campaign and active contributor to the blog.


Arch in the Devil’s Garden area of Arches National Park.


took this photo earlier this summer… just last week, the arch collapsed in
the middle of the night! This is an example of how dynamic our world is;
even seemingly permanent fixtures are constantly changing. That’s why it is so
important to explore and enjoy nature as much as possible!”

Our thanks to Jake for so elegantly capturing and describing
an example of dynamic natural systems. This is a topic of prime interest to
geographers, as well as tracking trends and changes in human systems and processes.

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