Five for Friday: Farewell Friday

Instead of our traditional Five for Friday, we thought a Farewell Friday was in order since our two wonderful interns, Jeremy and Sara, will be leaving us today. They each wanted to say a few words to commemorate their experiences at National Geographic.


Well My Wonderful Worlders, it looks as though the end of my
time here as an intern at National Geographic is quickly approaching. It is
definitely safe to say that this has been one of the greatest summers I’ve had
in quite some time. I will take away so much from this experience; the people
I’ve met, the stories I’ve heard. But the largest thing I’ve thing I will take
away is a realization that the current state of geography education is far
below what I previously conceived it to be. Luckily, I am not alone in this
awareness and subsequent concern. Thanks to all of you loyal MWW members, I
leave knowing there are others who, like me, both acknowledge the fact that
geography is ANYTHING BUT TRIVIAL, and who are actively trying to convey just
how essential it is to understanding the world in which we live.

As for me, I promise not to give up the fight. It may be
true that I will no longer be working for National Geographic, but geography
will forever be a critical component to my life. Next up is another internship
with a small activist arts project in Brooklyn, New York, that turns laundromats
into community art galleries as a tool for social empowerment. You’d better
believe that geographic knowledge will play a vital role in the work I will be
doing there. Quite frankly my biggest concern is whether or not this West Coast
boy will be able to handle an East Coast Winter. I’m amazed I even made it
through this hot, sticky summer without shaving my head and walking around in
nothing but a pair of boxers. I can’t imagine what the cold will do to me.

Anyhoo, don’t think for a minute that this is the last
you’ve heard from me. I will be back to pester you yet again with my random
thoughts and observations about life and geography. In the mean time, I wish
you all the best.

Jeremy for My
Wonderful World

Hey guys, Sara R. here, and the time has come for me to say
goodbye (or just “See you later”) to My Wonderful World and National
Geographic. These past five months have
taught me so much about geography, education, and life. I leave this place a more perceptive, and
hopefully more prepared, global citizen. Next week I head back to Los Angeles to finish up my degree in communications and
global studies… but now I am eager to incorporate geography classes
into my
areas of study! Thanks so much for supporting
the campaign, reading our blog entries, and engaging with us. We
couldn’t do it without you guys. I’ll definitely be keeping in touch
from the
West Coast!

Take care, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Farewell Friday

  1. Good luck you two! Your writing on the blog has been great all summer. You’ll be missed!

  2. Good bye Jeremy and Sara R. and thanks so much for a job well done at a very worthy organization!
    Thanks for your recent comments on our blog Sara and I thought it was an interesting coincidence that you posted on a page where I linked to Ms. Tolisano’s website… who just did a guest post here. ( We participate with her school geography project and blog..Teddy bears around the world).
    It really is a small world!! I hope both of you enjoy your new endeavors!

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