Bonus Resource: World Statistics Clock

If you were interested at all by the last blog
about the G-8 and Geotourism environmental agreements, you’ll love this clock.
In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ll love it even if you thought that entry was pointless
and boring. After all, this is no ordinary clock. As hands quietly and
methodically make their way around the unobtrusive sphere in the upper
left-hand corner of the screen, ticking statistics mark everything from the
world’s increasing population to the number of cows slaughtered in the last
five minutes. You can even watch the U.S. national debt increase before
your very eyes (at an alarmingly fast rate).

Yes, it is common knowledge that the human population has
been, and remains, on the rise. Yet, it is one thing to hear such data, and
another to actually see it change right in front of you. Between the time I
first looked at the page, and when I just checked it, the world’s population increased
by over 17,000 people. Think that’s a big number? It was only a three hour time

2 thoughts on “Bonus Resource: World Statistics Clock

  1. Jake, I here ya on the greatness of the clock. I can’t believe how many different statistics it keeps. Where do people think this stuff up? Of course, we should remember that these are not exact figures. That said, this website goes pretty high on my list of preferred distractions.
    Thanks for the comment.

  2. This clock is great. I left it running for an afternoon over the weekend (~7 hrs). One of the stats that surprised me was that more bicycles are produced than cars. Awesome!
    Not so awesome was that 24 species went extinct during the time I had the browser window open, and people lost $174,000 on the Nigerian 419 scam!

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