Monday “four for all”

Due to some technical difficulties that prevented posting last Friday’s “five for,” we’re bringing you a –slightly abbreviated– list of  links to start off the work/school week. Enjoy!

1. Baseball
Nation: Add your name to the map!
spring time, and that means baseball season for many sports fans out there. If
you’ve seen this “United Countries of Baseball” map at your local Nike retailer
and thought it purely aesthetic, you may be interested in Nike’s
quasi-scientific approach to creating the next iteration. Add your zip code and
contribute to this exercise in cultural geography! While you’re at it, check out the similar mapping project at I wonder if they’ll find similar results?

2. 20
World Geography Facts that may [or may not] surprise you
I had to include this item because it is a
perfect example of what geography is NOT: 1) the study of places as static locations, or 2) the study of factors in isolation. I suspect that most with
an intermediate knowledge of geography will not be “surprised” by these
geography facts, a list [mostly] of apparent discrepancies between latitude and
climate. It’s not “magic” behind the counterintuitive observations, it’s
geography! True, latitude is one
factor affecting climate, a focus of physical geography. But climate is
, the result of many factors beyond simply latitude—e.g. elevation,
geology, wind patterns, continentality (i.e. proximity to the ocean), ocean currents, etc. No offense, of course, to the undoubtedly well-intentioned
blogger who posted the list. Hopefully, it will succeed in piquing your
interest and prompting you to think–geographically!

3. I
features a wealth of fun geography quizzes. A great workday distraction, err, I
mean productive skill-enhancement activity.

4. MWW shout-out.
The “Homeschooler Savvy” blog highlights My Wonderful World
as a “cool geography site for kids.” Why thank you!

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