Five for Friday

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time once again for our Friday sampling of geographic news articles and
resources on the web!

1. National Geographic releases "Greendex" Survey.
Geographic and GlobeScan have just revealed the results of the first ever
international survey of consumer environmental behavior. No surprise here:
Americans rank at the bottom,
scoring worse than those in any other country, developing or
developed, on housing, transportation and goods. They are by far the least
likely to use public transportation, to walk or bike to their destinations or
to eat locally grown foods.
Visit the Greendex website to learn more and calculate your
own Greendex score.


2. North Carolina  and Indiana Primary Results Maps.
can’t get enough of these election maps! Check out this set from the most
recent presidential primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, from A wealth of information is presented, from predictions, to
victory margins, to comparisons with previous elections.

Meridian International Children’s

Saturday, May 10, the Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C will host the Meridian International
Children’s Festival
an “interactive and educational fun-fair that promotes cultural
exchange and understanding among children of all ages.” Representatives from 18
international embassies will share themes of world geography. But the learning
doesn’t stop there: Funds raised from the festival will help support Meridian’s International Classroom, a
global education program. Stop by if you’re in the area!

An Atlas of Community Based Plans in New York City.
The Municipal Arts Society Planning Center has produced an excellent,
interactive online resource called “Planning for all New Yorkers: An Atlas of
Community Based Plans in New York City." The atlas forms part of an initiative to engage local residents, government
officials, and stakeholders in the creation of livable, desirable

5. Traveler IQ

your geographic prowess with this fun, online game that is a favorite on social
networking sites, like, and has gained national media attention.
It may seem simple at first, but it speeds up and becomes quite tricky!

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