Five for Friday

1. Humor:
Report: 6 out of 10 Americans Cannot Locate Payless Shoes on a Mall Map

The Onion
, March 7, 2008.
The National
Geographic-Roper 2006 survey of geographic literacy continues to make
headlines. The satirical news source The
features a humorous spoof on the poll. Though silly, the article aptly
highlights Americans’ subpar mapping skills and lack of essential, real-world
geographic knowledge. Never fear: MWW is here to save the day!

2. Education: National Geographic Bee state finals
National Geographic Press Release, March 21, 2008.
This Friday, April 4, states across the nation
will host National Geographic Bee state -level events. The winners from each of
the 50 states will go on to compete at the national final in Washington, D.C. later in May. Check out this charming video-interview
that tells the story of Adam Parker, a local sixth grade
winner from Nantucket Island in my home state of Massachusetts.

3. Education: “Gigantic map helps students master geography
Pocono Record, February
26, 2008.
This inspiring article tells how Kristy Snider, a world
geography teacher and a Fulbright-Hays scholar, used a National Geographic
Live! giant map to give her Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania,
seventh graders a unique perspective on Asia.

4. Environment:Washington, D.C. home to first ‘green stadium’ in U.S
Environmental News
Network, March 31, 2008.
new baseball stadium for the Washington Nationals has earned LEED (Leadership
in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for its accessibility to
public transportation, energy saving light fixtures, water-conserving plumbing,
drought-resistant plants, and green roofing. Will other stadiums follow suit?
Learn more about LEED.

5. Opinion/Editorial: Politics: The Computer Game
Computing, “From the News Desk,” March 12, 2008.
An interesting op-ed piece from a British online magazine asserts that the
internet is changing the face of politics and “ remapping the geography of
human relationships.”

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m headed down to the National Mall to check out the cherry blossoms.

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