Lights Out! Earth Hour 2008

At 8pm tomorrow night (Saturday, March 29) businesses, individuals, and cities around
the world will turn out the lights in recognition of the international Earth Hour. Pioneered by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007 as a local
initiative in Sydney, Australia, in its second year Earth
Hour has evolved into an international effort to promote energy conservation,
combat global warming, and demonstrate solidarity for the shared fate of our planet
and its inhabitants. Several new partners like Hewlett Packard and the National Geographic Channel have joined
the cause, and U.S. cities
including Chicago, San
Francisco, Atlanta, and Phoenix have signed on as
official participants.

To learn more about event, visit the Earth Hour U.S. website.  You’ll find information on energy
saving tips
, a list of international cities participating, and additional
resources. The Earth Hour 2008 information blog has more of the latest
news and notes, and Wikipedia has an interesting article, too.

To conclude my week at the National Science Teachers
Conference in Boston,
I’m currently rethinking my Saturday evening dinner plans “out on the town” in
lieu of more energy conscious alternatives. Any suggestions?

Next week Tell Us:
How did YOU celebrate Earth Hour?


Sarah for My Wonderful World

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