“Reach the World” with GeoGames

Reach the World, a New York-based educational
non-profit recently released “GeoGames,” a series of free, interactive online activities
that adopt a hands-on approach to learning geography. Supported by findings
from educational research, GeoGames
is distinct from other online games in its use of a 3D globe rather than the
traditional 2D map. Keeping with the organization’s mission to “help elementary
and secondary school students and teachers to develop the knowledge, attitudes,
values and thinking skills needed for responsible citizenship in a complex,
culturally diverse and rapidly changing world,” GeoGames gives kids a more
realistic understanding of spatial relationships on our spherical planet.

The website features two games
produced in partnership with the National Geographic Education Foundation and
Dangerous Media.
“Build Planet Earth” challenges players to place major
geographic features in their correct locations on a blank globe. Similarly,
“Map Countries and Cities” tests knowledge of human geography by enlisting players
to locate countries and capitals. Don’t worry if your map skills aren’t what
you wish they were–you can select among three levels of difficulty and learn as
you go!

Another unique aspect of GeoGames is a personalization feature
that enables one to add a title and description to each map. Time score is also
included, which helps to track individual improvement.
I got 52 seconds on “Build The Earth” and 1:49 minutes on “Map Countries
and Cities.” Tell us how you did!

These games are great for people of all ages, especially kids. It is essential that children understand early in
their education how the world really looks, which the 3D globe does

For other geographic games and
quizzes, check out these links:

Maps.com: The
world’s largest map store has a wide selection of games and quizzes. From games
that help alien invaders find their Earthy destinations, to quizzes that test
your knowledge of world history and geography. It has something for all levels.

National Geographic
: Specializing in education and entertainment for kids, National Geographic Kids’ game GeoSpy is
a “Carmen Sandiego”-like quiz for kids to help them expand their geographic

I like 2 Learn: This website is full of physical geographic quizzes that range from very easy to very difficult.


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  1. In the past few years I’ve made a multi-language website (www.toposite.org) for my children to practice/learn their topography lessons at home (world, north & south america, united states, europe, asia, africa, etc). Currently I’m adding more maps. Based on the responses i receive also grown-ups like to check their knowledge about topography at my site.

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