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It’s a new year replete with opportunities to engage in your world.

So Tell Us: What’s your geographic New Year’s resolution for 2008?

Mine is to explore the local geography of my hometown of nearly 6 months now: Washington, DC.
As much as it plays the role of national monument, museum, and legislative center, D.C. has a rich history and modern flavor all its own, as any native will attest. I hope to dive into the many realms of national and local, Mall-side and backstreet, popular and unknown, via that oft-overlooked mode of travel: my own two feet. The goal is to develop nuanced, personally meaningful ‘mental maps’ of my surroundings.

Thanks to my friend Jake for pointing out this blog to help get me started: Prince of Petworth. The Prince “chronicles the happenings in Petworth, Columbia Heights, U St. and other neighborhoods in Washington, DC” and has been quoted in notable local outlets including DCist, Wonkette, Washington Post’s Express, and Citypaper. Nothing like a good geography tip from a fellow blogger!

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  1. My geographic New Year’s resolution is to learn all the countries of the world, their capitals, and where they are located on the map. I’m going to do this with help of a puzzle I just ordered from Barne’s and Noble. It’s peices are in the shape of each country and you put them all together to finish the world map! It also has geographical information for each of the countries on the map. I’ll keep practicing the puzzle so I can continue to beat my time once I have learned where all the countries are in the world!

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