About.com: Geography “Top 10 Geographic Events of 2007”

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Images courtesy of Wikipedia.org and the National Geographic online store.

Each and every day, geography influences the outcome of
events around the planet in ways major and minor, overt and subtle. Which
geographic events had the greatest impact–and received the most press–in
2007? Our friend Matt Rosenberg at About.com: Geography has compiled a list of
his top ten picks. I was happy to see that a selection of stories I’ve
talked about previously made the cut: Caitlin Snaring winning the National Geographic Bee, Global Warming
and Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize, and the international project to name the “New
Seven Wonders”
of the world. Take a look at Matt’s choices. Then tell us:
What are your top 10 (or 5) geographic events of 2007?

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