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New Group:
My Wonderful World: A
National Geographic-led Campaign

Excerpt from the description:
“Chances are you reside
on this sphere commonly referred to as ‘the world.’ That’s why you
should join this group: My Wonderful World.

Pocahontas was
right: We don’t own the Earth; we share it with many other people and
living things. Sadly, ever since Carmen Sandiego was canceled, SOME
people out there in our nation don’t know much about the world.”

MWW has created an official group on the popular social
networking site So be our friend and
join the cause! Just search for “My Wonderful World” in the global groups section. Show those in your networks that “We are not alone”–and help
ensure that tomorrow’s leaders get the message. Invite everyone you know to join! We
have over 300 members so far, and we’re looking to extend our reach to all those,
especially young people, who support the mission to develop a globally aware and engaged
citizenry–by expanding geographic education opportunities across the

First, follow the action steps outlined on the group page.
Then, watch our television ad, print our PSA posters, and voice your opinions
on the discussion board. The current compelling topic is “Which celebrity would
you pick as a spokesperson for the campaign?” Be sure to keep checking back for
new updates and ways to get involved!

If you’re a not already a member of the Facebook network,
visit and create an
account by clicking the “Sign up” button. To get started, you’ll just have to enter
some simple personal information. It’s a fun, easy, and secure way to connect with
friends new and old!

Sarah for My Wonderful World


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2 thoughts on “My Wonderful World on Facebook

  1. I can’t seem to find the group on Facebook.
    Could you post a link please?
    What a great idea, bytheway!

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