GAW 2007 spotlight on Asia Society

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Asia Society helped us
develop some of our new educational activities for the “Passport to Asia: Continent of Contrasts” expedition. This Geography
Awareness Week, you can explore Asia from the
comfort of your own couch through our enlightening KML tours.

Asia Society, the “leading global organization working to
strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, leaders,
and institutions of Asia and the United States” is proud to be a member
of the My Wonderful World Coalition and to have been involved in this project.

As Alexis Menten, Senior Program Associate in Asia Society’s
education division, explains:

“Today’s students will be working in a global marketplace
and living in an interconnected global society. That is why we are so excited
to be a partner of National Geographic Society’s My Wonderful World campaign –
students need access to materials on other world regions, languages, and cultures
to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

are pleased to have collaborated with the National Geographic Society to
develop these KML tours that provide an introduction to the incredible
diversity of traditions across the continent of Asia.”

Below, Alexis describes some of the exciting new content on
Asia Society’s K-12 education site,

For Kids: “We recently launched two new sections of for students and kids. The Kids site is full
of features to engage kids in learning about Asia. For instance, kids can learn new words in Japanese and Chinese through
interactive games, experience Asian artistic traditions through student
artworks (inspired by Asia Society exhibitions) or travel the world through
ancient epic stories from Asia.”

For Teens: “The Students site allows middle and high school students to access exclusive Asia
Society content in arts, culture,
policy, and business. It features
international career profiles
and in-depthcase studies from Asia on current events and global issues like climate change, global health, and
urban development.

Asia Society plans to expand both the Kids and Students
sites in the coming year with new features and activities, including
youth-produced content from around the world on global issues.”

For Educators: “AskAsia’s Teachers
site continues to offer high-quality scholarly content about Asia
and US-Asia relations, expert K-12 teaching and learning strategies, and useful
resources such as maps, photographs, art images, glossaries, timelines and

Our thanks to Asia Society for sharing their resources and
expertise. We hope you’ll continue the celebration by visiting Asia Society
online to learn more about the diverse people and traditions of the world’s
most populous continent.

If you’re in the D.C. area, don’t forget about our upcoming Asia events especially for younger audiences. On Friday, stop by Jabberu for a FREE session of Chinese language
learning and cultural discovery. Then, join us at George Mason University this Saturday to watch local students shoot world basketballs on giant maps of Asia and get your own share of prizes, free gifts, and
information on ways to give kids the power of global knowledge!

Sarah for My Wonderful World


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