Geography Awareness Week: Passport to Asia

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It’s finally here! No, not Thanksgiving, but Geography
Awareness Week, November 11-17! And I can’t think of a better way to count down to Turkey Day (or “Tofurky Day” for the vegetarian flesh-foregoers like me) than with some fun and
educational KML** tours of  Asia.

Photo by Joe McNally,
National Geographic Society

Over the past few months we’™ve been collaborating with our
friends and coalition partners at Google Earth, ESRI, Asia Society,
Smithsonian, and Wild
to create these engaging, visually stunning adventures through Asia. So join us in exploring the food, festivals, art,
wildlife, and natural wonders of Earth’s most expansive and populous continent.

Monday. Mission1: Get oriented. Grab your virtual compass, strap on your thinking cap, and start the week off with our “Ultimate Asia Challenge”, an interactive
quiz that will test your Asia-acuity. Where do you stand? Are you a bona fide
Asia-expert, or more of an Asia-amateur, like
me? No worries if you have some cramming to do: You’ll have the rest of the
week to spend learning about the physical, biological, and cultural aspects of Asia. So stop by each day to see what’s new. Happy travels!

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about Geography Awareness Week
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**What is KML, you ask?  KML, or Keyhole Markup Language, simply means
that data (e.g. pictures, text, icons) are geo-referenced to actual global
coordinates (ie. intersections of latitude and longitude), and then displayed
in a format that visually relates those locations and data. If you’ve ever used Google
Earth or ArcGIS Explorer, you’ve experienced KML.

Geography Awareness Week is part of National Geographic’s Geography Action! program. Celebrated
continuously since it was established by Congress and President Reagan in 1987, Geography Awareness Week highlights the role that geographical knowledge plays in preparing people for
success in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world
. This
year’s spotlight on Asia is the second stop on a
five-year journey focusing the geographic lens on five world regions.

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