“Branches of Geography”

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As you start to brainstorm activities for November’s Geography
Awareness Week
, think broadly! You may find it helpful to consider the full
range of geographic sub-disciplines and related ‘areas of inquiry’ in your
planning. Our friend Matt
over at About.com:
has compiled a concise, easily accessible list of many of these in
his recent post “Branches
of Geography”
(I’m betting the tree reference was intentional).

Matt goes far beyond the basic human-physical
to reveal an extensive array of topics from Climate Studies to Cartography, Applied to Urban Geography. His list resonates with my own
discoveries into the impressive breadth of the discipline as an
undergraduate–in my senior year of college alone I was introduced to the
fascinating fields of Medical and Military Geography for the first time. Of
course, the possibilities become limitless when you consider that new meaning that
can be imbued to almost any phenomenon by studying it with a geographic
perspective, and that geography can be readily integrated into other core
subjects like math, science, literature, and foreign language.

While you’re at About.com:Geography,
you might also check out Matt’s other posts with links to resources on
geographic organizations, careers, and national educational standards. These
will all help you to start thinking about about the plethora of ways to
incorporate geography into the curriculum during Geography Awareness Week, and
into the many other aspects of your life and future!

Tell us: How are you planning to celebrate Geography Awareness Week? (Take
this opportunity to swap your ideas with other geography educators!)

Sarah for My Wonderful World


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