Dive into Seamonsters: A Prehistoric Adventure

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A school of Xiphactinus–Image courtesy of nationalgeographic.com

SeamonstersThe newest large-format film making a splash this fall is National Geographic’s Seamonsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. Seamonsters is  “A dramatic and compelling story about an ancient and mysterious ocean world containing some of the most awe-inspiring creatures of all time.  The world’s most technologically advanced movie screens bring these little-known creatures to life for the first time in 82 million years.  Before they lived in our imaginations, they really lived!”

The film engages geographic topics by depicting the Earth and its inhabitants over millenia, as well as the science that brings it to life in the present. Educators are encouraged to use the film as a pedagogical resource; National Geographic has developed comprehensive lesson plans filled with exciting, interactive media and activities that meet national standards.

Seamonsters opened this past Friday, October 5th in theaters
across the nation. Unfortunately, I was celebrating Homecoming at my
alma mater and missed the DC debut, but I’ve heard rave reviews (including from my roommate who saw it to celebrate her 24th birthday– guess it’s not just for kids)!

I can’t wait to go see it–I fell in love in with IMAX films the first time I climbed the stairs at the Boston Museum of Science
Mugar Omni Theater. Maybe it was the
globe-like shape of the screen that surrounded me on all sides creating
a personal, virtual world of entertainment (my own “Wonderful World” so to speak 🙂 ). It’s an awesome cinematic
experience that puts you right at the center of all the action. Maybe I’ll even see Seamonsters a couple times–once in DC, and once at my beloved
Omni theater when I go home for Thanksgiving.

Go check out Seamonsters and tell us what you think: We’d love to hear your reviews!

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