Where did you go on vacation?

Ah summer, when the extended daylight and warm temperatures demand you to leave your desk and your home in favor of carefree vacation days, hopefully in new places.
For me, summertime led me to the bayou of Mississippi, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and to the parks within the five block radius of National Geographic headquarters in Washington, DC. (Extended lunch hour = mini vacation!)
Tell us, where did you go this summer? Who did you meet? What sites did you see? What interesting places did you visit and how are they different from your home town?

6 responses to “Where did you go on vacation?

  1. Martha, I went “up North” also this summer; we stayed at the Grand View Lodge. Very nice, even for non-golfers like me.
    I’ve driven past the turn for “House on the Rock” many times, but never actually visited. Thanks for the suggestion … I’ll try and take the time to visit on my next trip to the Dells.


  2. This summer I got to go to travel along both coasts of the U.S., from Boston to Berkeley, Hilton Head to Highway 1! There are so many great and different cities and environments in this country, and so much to do in the warmer months! Culture, concerts, unexpected art, nice weather, beautiful beaches, good friends… what else could you want out of summer??


  3. I was in Poland for a week, then Hungary for three, Romania all July, Moldova for three weeks, Bulgaria for two days, and Paris for eight hours on the way back to America. Amazing time!


  4. I went to a remote corner of Costa Rica! It was full of monkeys, scarlet macaws, sloths, poison dart frogs, and toucans. The forests were lush and green. It was a beautiful place! I can’t wait to go back!


  5. This lucky group of kids sure when on a great vacation. Winners of the National Geographic Kids Hands-on Explorer Challenge, an Expedition Team of 15 youngsters ages 10-13 got to travel to South Africa this August where they went on a safari, visited with local school children, and participated in other fun activities. Check out their blog from the trip. Too bad my status as a National Geographic employee over the age of 13 disqualifies me from applying…


  6. I went to Key West in early June to visit my brother; it was hot, but really fun. We visited the Hemingway house and I totally broke out in hives because of all the cats. So be careful about visiting the Hemingway house if you have allergies. I also went up to northern Minnesota and Canada several times. Many of my friends have cabins on the lakes up there and it’s always a good time! I also took a mini road trip to southern Wisconsin to visit a quirky tourist attraction called “House on the Rock.” It was built by an extremely eclectic architect who collected all kinds of stuff. It was bizarre, but totally worth the trip!


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