Starbucks “Day of Discussion” to coincide with nationwide release of “Arctic Tale”

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On Wednesday, August 15th, Starbucks will be hosting an event titled “National Day of Discussion: Solutions to Climate Change.” At coffee shops across the country, climate experts will sit down with members of their communities in a forum sponsored by Starbucks, Conservation International, the Earthwatch Institute, and other well-known environmental groups. The stated objective: “To host an engaging dialogue and help people collectively develop solutions that they can use in their communities and daily lives.”

Withholding my skepticism that the climate crisis can be “solved” in a day beneath the green awnings of the ubiquitous vendor (no matter how auspicious the color palette may seem), I plan to walk–not drive–to the local Starbucks on Washington D.C.’s Connecticut Avenue to join in the debate. If you’re in town, look for me donning a My Wonderful World t-shirt during what promises to be an evening of free-flowing conversation and java. Check out for more information on the event and listings of store locations in your area. And look for my special report of the proceedings to appear on Thursday’s edition of the blog.

The “Day of Discussion” has been strategically arranged to coincide with the nationwide release of National Geographic’s new feature film Arctic Tale, which Starbucks is helping promote. The movie is likely to be on the agenda for discussion, especially in DC where it has already been showing for a few weeks. Go see it at a theater near you and form your own impressions, then check out July’s post for this intern’s reactions.

Image courtesy of National Geographic books.

Artictalebook We’d love to hear your reviews of the film!

Many have compared it to Al Gore’s successful documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Some feel that Arctic Tale could have an even greater influence on public opinion in light of its entertaining format, appeal to a broad audience, subtle style of message delivery, and widely respected source.

What do you think? What are some other things that can be done, or that you are currently doing, to inspire people to care about the planet and reduce their impact on the environment?

Sarah, My Wonderful World Intern

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2 thoughts on “Starbucks “Day of Discussion” to coincide with nationwide release of “Arctic Tale”

  1. Thank you for your comment. Granted, we recognize the incongruence you point out (and Sarah alluded to it in her post about the “Day of Discussion”), but there is something to be said for joining the conversation. Though this blog and My Wonderful World are not partnered with, and certainly do not speak for, Starbucks and their practices, we were impressed that the Starbucks company made an effort to start a dialogue about environmental issues. They are a global company with a lot of reach. Instituting more “Days of Discussions” can only help spread awareness about how interconnected our world really is, economically and environmentally. We encourage all to go see Arctic Tale, and to use the film as a catalyst to spark discussion about these critical issues!

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