Congratulations to our Continental Culture Poster Winners


Boy_girl_reading_2Last month we presented a special summer reading challenge, asking for recommendations of books and movies with an international context. Thanks to all those who contributed, and congratulations to our winners! Ashley from New Braunfels, TX suggested two books about Asia–Reading Lolita in Tehran (Iran) and Kite Runner (Afghanistan). Maggie of Litchfield Park, AZ posted the first submission for Europe with the book Round Ireland with a Fridge. And Kevin of Slinger, WI told us about an Australian classic: Daisy Bates in the Desert: A Woman’s Life among the Aborigines. Ashley, Maggie, and Kevin will each be receiving a My Wonderful World “We are Not Alone” poster in the mail. Be sure to check out these great reads during the dog days of summer!

Want to win a poster of your own? We’re still looking for submissions relating to the continents of South America, Antarctica, and Africa. So tell us: what are your favorite books and movies?



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4 thoughts on “Congratulations to our Continental Culture Poster Winners

  1. I just finished Ishmael Beah’s book, “A Long Way Gone.” It is a touching and amazing story of his experiences as a child in war-torn Sierra Leone. Some of his descriptions of place are so incredible I felt like I was seeing parts of the world through his eyes. He even made places I have seen come alive in a new way. As an AP Human Geography and environmental science teacher, I plan to integrate parts of his story into my classroom. It really is that good!

  2. A Far off Place with Reese Witherspoon is a beautiful movie about Botswana. A Far Country by Daniel Mason is an excellent book about an unnamed Latin country.

  3. _Out of Africa_ was such a beautiful and touching movie and is one of my favorites. After watching the movie I just had to read the book. I’m sorry to say that Africa is the continent that I know least about. :0(

  4. I recently read Kite Runner as well. It’s a great book, though at times extremely upsetting to read because of the content. Overall, it’s a beautiful, extremely well-written story that humanizes the culture of Afghanistan, something that is often misunderstood and overlooked from an American news perspective.

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