Global Warming: A hot topic this summer

National Geographic’s newest big screen feature Arctic Tale opens today in select theaters across the country.

Narrated by Academy Award winner Queen Latifah, the film compiles real video footage to craft a story of two young animals. Seala, a walrus pup, and Nanu, a polar bear cub face increasingly formidable challenges as they struggle to survive in a threatened arctic environment. You’ll want to “bring tissues,” one reviewer has cautioned.

Those of us lucky enough to catch a sneak preview at NGS headquarters last month were overwhelmingly impressed by the film. It has it all: action, drama, heartbreak, humor, and stunning imagery that is the hallmark of National Geographic. What’s more, Arctic Tale presents a strong message on climate change, calling people of all ages to take action to protect the planet.  We think lots of people will be talking about this film.

If you live in one of the early-release cities, check it out and TELL US what you think!



Those who have to wait for Arctic Tale’s nation-wide release next month (August 17th) can gear up with some global warming related reading, like the cover story from National Geographic magazine’s June installment. “The Big Thaw”, a powerful in-depth investigative piece, was recently cited as the “most read online article in the first half of 2007” in a survey of over 1,300 articles from 100 magazines! Even if you’ve already read the story, it’s worth going online to check out a number of exclusive features including field notes from explorer Tim Appenzeller, maps, and “how to help” tips.

You can even cast a vote in an online poll. The question: Can humans slow the melting that’s affecting the world’s icy regions?
TELL US how you voted–and why!


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2 thoughts on “Global Warming: A hot topic this summer

  1. Hi Carlos,
    Thanks for your thoughts on this important issue. Through the My Wonderful World campaign, we strive to inspire people to care about the planet and act accordingly. We welcome suggestions, stories, opinions, link to stories etc. from our readers that contribute to the dialogue on this topic. For more on global warming, I’d encourage you to check out the recent post on the Starbucks National Day of Discussion.
    Sarah for My Wonderful World

  2. Climatic Change is Not a Problem of the Future
    The diagnosis of the future of the planet cannot be gloomier. To the numerous elements that damage the environment, we must now add others, like the direct consequences of turning food into fuel, established as the economic policy guideline of the United States, designed and defended at all costs by the US president.
    The issue has been presented on many occasions as a warning of the potential danger that, if continued, will affect the indispensable conditions for the life on the planet. Evidently at the service of the large transnationals, which produce 25 percent of the contaminating gas emissions, the White House has justified its position and has systematically refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol.
    The inhabitants of the planet are required to act urgently. Maybe it’s not too late.
    Carlos Menéndez

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