It’s Not Just “Where”

A lot of us see the word “geography” and immediately associate it with where places are on a map or globe. We pigeon hole it as capitals and countries, regions and continents.  After reading the article “Bring Back Geography,” by Jerome E. Dobson, President of the American Geographical Society, I realize a lot of us are just plain wrong about geography.

As Dobson so eloquently illuminates, “geography is about understanding people and places and how real-world places function in a viscerally organic sense,” meaning that it encompasses culture, economy, climates, environment, technology like GIS, and what it means to be a human interacting with and on Earth. Bottom line, geography helps us make the connection between the “who, what, why, and where” of global society.

Dobson’s article highlights the history of geography, where it’s going, and why it is essential not to let it slip from the curriculum in our schools. Without geographic perspective, we are living in a world of limited understanding.

What you can do to help:

Talk to your families and friends about what geography REALLY is. What do they think defines geography? How does geography impact your local community?

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Just “Where”

  1. Mr. Dobson’s article is right-on. He not only points out the need for geographic education but also what to do about it.

  2. Hope lots more people sign on to mww and use all the connections in this awesome sight.

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