On to Year Two!

WearenotaloneWhat are your best ideas for My Wonderful World in Year Two? Tell us what you’d like to do to improve kids’ and teens’ geographic literacy at home, in school, and in your community, and tell us how My Wonderful World can help.

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4 thoughts on “On to Year Two!

  1. Thanks for all your helpful comments and suggestions!
    It seems like there is a good deal of interest in a “Photo of the Day” feature. This is something we will consider as we continue to develop and update the My Wonderful World site. For now, please check out National Geographic’s “Photo of the Day,” available through the National Geographic Homepage, or directly through the Photo of the Day site. Another great resource is National Geographic’s People and Places page, also accessible via the National Geographic Homepage.

  2. I like Tracey’s idea a lot. I think what would make it even cooler is if you turned it into a game. That is, you show the picture of the place and people have to guess where it is, based on physical and human geography components listed in the image. If I’m not mistaken, the GeoBee has photo-questions like this. But the “answer” would list all the different components (eg, mountains, the clothes the kids are wearing are made of this type of wool, they are eating this snack, etc), giving kids a chance to learn to analyze the image with geographic knowledge.

  3. hi, iam from india! i wish to tell the natgeo team that we do not get to participate in activities and as i am in lucknow i know that all the students of lucknow would simply love to participate in workshops and campaigns regarding the world we would just love to spread the news on global warming specially in lucknow and then also give our hand in making this world a better and safe place to live and to yell you the truth you will be ssurprised by the number of eager responses you’ll get after one of YOUR WORKSHOPS OR CAMPAIGNS
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  4. I would like to see a ‘Place of the Day’ or even ‘Photo of the Day’ on the homepage. Then, when a user clicks on it, it is linked to interesting photos, plus cultural and geographic information. The “place” could be a continent, land formation, town, city, hamlet, just as long as it makes the user say “Wow! I wonder if I could go there someday!”
    I would also like to see a much easier way to find information on world places displayed in a way students could use or just read for fun. Maybe that already exists on this website, but I haven’t found it yet, and I have been having a hard time returning here because there is not much immediately visible learning content.

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