Wild Montgomery Walk About

Follow eight Poolesville High School students as they hike, bike, and boat 25 miles in the name of science across Gaithersburg, Maryland. This adventure introduced its students to wild discoveries of what exists in their backyard. Trek along!

How do you get your kids involved in the geography of their communities?


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One thought on “Wild Montgomery Walk About

  1. Hey!!!!!!!!!!
    I am putting together a story I shot here on Photocamp ’07 in Houston from May (sorry…we’re a small crew…we’re backlogged on many of our cooler stories) that will air on HISD NEWS TODAY.
    We’re a subset of HISD(houston Independent school district)Instructional Media.
    Pretty cool stuff…an entire staff (of which 3 are dedicated to a daily show) with a “semi” state-of-the-art Broadcast setup…2 studios and as many bells and whistles as we can wrangle, on taxpayer dollars.
    If the public is being fed information via their “medum of choice”…24/7 TELEVISION?, why not have at least one access cable station dedicated to the school district that works to educate the largest number of the area’s population under the age of 21 and carries the largest employee base in that same region…why not offer that school district’s “work” as television programming?
    We have a “few” viewers, so I hear. And though I am rambling on…if you haven’t guessed, I LOVE WHAT I AM ABLE TO DO.
    Since paying my dues …20 plus years in Local Broadcast News as a female shooter among those who “brought me up” in the business, I’m downright giddy to be using this medium for good…FINALLY!
    I can’t figure out where to request your PSA’s.
    We would run them (beta broadcast format, please) during our show and throught the day in our regular programming. (which we need more of, BY THE WAY.)
    Please pass this request along to someone that might contact my Producer,
    Bill Kuhlman…
    713-556 6066
    I was looking for ’07 info on Photocamp and found the spots!
    Look forward to some feedback!
    Thanks for what you offer all of us.
    Nancy Pierce*Brumback
    Segment Producer
    HISD News Today

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