What Do You Do for Earth Day?

Earth Day is the perfect time to share the importance of global knowledge with your students, friends, and family. What do you do for Earth Day? Tell us!

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5 thoughts on “What Do You Do for Earth Day?

  1. My 3 year old nephew and I walked along Miacomet Beach and picked up cans, netting and other trash. Earth Day gave us beautiful weather and it was nice to leave the beach looking nicer than when we got there. Also, it gave my nephew a great understanding, since we live so close to so many beaches on Nantucket Island, that keeping the earth clean is important to our everyday lives.

  2. Earth day shouldn’t be just one day, it should be a lifestyle change. I am shock to learn the US emits the highest concentration of pollution in the world!
    I walk all my paper products to the elementary school’s paper recepticle.
    In addition, I recycle all tin, oil, glass, batteries, plastics that my city will take.
    In the summer, I ride my bike to work & for errands.
    I mulch kitchen waste, etc.
    I’m no angel, but wish everyone would make a conscious effort to conserve energy. Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m burned out on Earth Day festivals. It’s the same old-same old and you come home with a lot of junk, which is anti Earth-Day in my opinion.
    This Earth Day, I am going to try not use any electrical appliances (except for at night)
    I am going to pick up trash and clean shrubs around our cluster mailboxes
    I’m going to save all the junk catalogues I get in the mail for a week and then call and ask to be taking off the mailing list.
    It took me a while to come up with these. I’ve been asking other people and most can only come up with something as original and Earth-caring as going to an Earth-day festival.
    You’ve got it — another big consumer event! And you’ve got to drive your car to it.

  4. The New York City YouthCaN planning committee will have a conference at the American Museum of Natural History on Monday, Apr. 23 with over 1300 teachers and students from around the world. The youth plan and lead the conference of workshops by students on environmental issues. On Sat. Apr. 21 there will be an activity day for out of town participants. They will go to the Alley Pond Environmental Center in Queens for water testing and hiking or to plant a garden in the Bronx. Sunday Apr. 22 they will be at the museum preparing for the conference.

  5. typically I take the family to Pensacola where they host a fun, interactive, and educational Earth Day event. There’s food, recylcing demos, animals to play with, games, raffles, and much more.. if you can get there I highly suggest it! This year we’ll be taking in our earth day in Fort Collins Colorado.. should be lots of great activities!

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