Geography Professor Brings Students to ‘the Other Side’

Here’s a great story from South Dakota State University’s Collegian newspaper:

Most people who aren’t science majors dread the thought of taking a science class. Many students end up taking geography classes as an alternative to other options, like chemistry. However, for students looking for something more exciting than learning the different crusts of the Earth, there is hope. A new class, taught exclusively at SDSU, uncovers geography of the paranormal.

“I want to show that geography can be a fun and relevant subject,” said Dr. Charles “Fritz” Gritzner, who teaches the unique course. “We use geography to explain paranormal activity.”

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4 thoughts on “Geography Professor Brings Students to ‘the Other Side’

  1. J. Sherman, National Geographic’s Xpeditions Atlas has free, downloadable outline maps. Just choose “Country Borders Off.” You can also adjust the level of detail.
    Hope this helps, and thanks for your question!

  2. I am a teacher of Geography and I am trying to find a site that has free downloadable physical maps for the regions of the world that are not labeled. I would like to use these in my classes to have students locate and label the physical features of the regions of the world. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  3. What a great idea. I wish they had this course at my university! A great way to make geography fun.

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