Tell Us: How Does Where You Are Affect How You Celebrate the Holidays?

Is Hanukkah the same whether you’re in Chicago or São Paulo? Do you celebrate Christmas differently in Anchorage, Albuquerque, or Alberta? What’s the “sense of place” of your holidays? Tell us!

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8 thoughts on “Tell Us: How Does Where You Are Affect How You Celebrate the Holidays?

  1. Just like to say “Merry Christmas” to all of you. Christmas should be celebrate with Love and Peace

  2. Christmas in Brunei! well let see. Eventhou we dont have snow (its a hot and rainy season here), i must say christmas is always fun for the families. We started by giving present to all niece and nephew (which in my case is 16 in total)and have some families dinner on the 24th christmas eve and later to mid-nite mass in church. Then we will have open house for a week or two where the extended families, friends, colleague are welcome to visit our home anytime while we serve drinks, cakes, food etc….This is the best time of the year where we got to discover other relatives which we never known exist before. So Christmas here is mostly spend with enthusiasm and fun.

  3. umm… i have gotta say that in india u really dont feel that christmas is in the air …. i mean there is no snow . so basically no snow-covered houses and mistletoes which actually show that there is christmas ..which r not there here. i wish that ppl over here wud celebrate chrismas with a lot more enthusiasm n happiness .(though i hav 2 say that it is slowly changing)

  4. My family lives in Egypt. We try to celebrate just like people do in the States, but it never is the same. The Christmas spirit is very weather related (snow, holly, fire places, sleds, mistletoe) and very commercialized in America. We attend cantatas and Christmas concerts at churches or at the Opera House in Cairo. We give presents and have a nice plastic Christmas tree that almost looks like a real one. A lot of Egyptians put fake snow in the form of cotton on their trees. We don’t do that. We don’t have a fireplace, but sometimes we roast chestnuts in the oven. When I was a child I used to pretend that the white sand outside was actually snow. ☺ I like our Egyptian Christmases, I wouldn’t trade it for all the snow in Colorado.

  5. I celebrate all the holidays at home with my family. For New Year’s Eve my family and I go outside to see some fireworks and get lot of presents on that day. Christmas we don’t usually give presents, but we just sit down and think about the good things.

  6. This is an interesting question. I’ve spent Christmas mostly in warm weather places, and it’s definitely a different experience than Christmas farther north. Our traditions were the same, though. Although one year we did trim a palm tree instead of an evergreen.

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