Africa’s Natural Resources

Gold_mining_1 Humans have recognized the importance of the environment to our survival for millions of years. We use water, soil, minerals, metals, timber, and other natural resources in every aspect of our lives.

Africa is a major source of some of the world’s most utilized minerals and precious metals, such as gold, copper, diamonds, and coltan (used in computer chips and electronics), as well as oil, natural gas, timber, and coal.


The management and sustainable usage of these resources has been a struggle for the African continent, and control over this environmental wealth has in part propagated and funded civil wars, government corruption, and industrial exploitation.

Africa’s richness in natural resources is undeniable—mine this wealth with the resources below.

Photograph of gold miners in Gabon’s Minkebe Forest by Michael Nichols/National Geographic Image Collection.

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  5. Cameroon is a country in West Africa. Learn more about Cameroon through National Geographic’s People & Places portal.

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