Africa’s Peoples and Cultures

Women_3 Humans have existed on the African continent longer than anywhere else in the world. Consequently, Africa’s cultures–its languages, religions, art, music, cuisines–reflect a deep past, rooted in ancient kingdoms, nomadic migrations, the Age of Exploration, and modern globalization.


Africa is home to many different peoples (such as San Bushmen, north Africa’s Tuareg, and the Maasai plainspeople) and religions (Islam and Christianity share prominence). This diversity makes Africa special, but also combustible, as tensions between peoples can spark civil wars, exploitation, even genocide.  However, if history teaches us anything, it’s that the African people and culture are most representative of survival and a celebration of heritage.

Photograph of women walking along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe by Chris Johns/National Geographic Image Collection

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One thought on “Africa’s Peoples and Cultures

  1. I think you should have a look on Cameroon.
    Its amazing. All Africa in a small country.
    Think about it.


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