Geography Awareness Quiz: Test Your Africa IQ

How much do you know about our second largest continent? Can you tell Tripoli from Timbuktu, or the Nile from the Niger? Test your Africa IQ with this new Google Earth quiz from My Wonderful World.
To play, download the Geography Awareness Quiz layer from Google Earth’s Geography Awareness Week page and open it in Google Earth to get started.

(Don’t have Google Earth? Get it here for free.)

How to Play

First, double-click on the quiz folder under “Places” in the left column of Google Earth. In that folder there are ten questions–double-click each to expand it and see the answers. Click on your answer to see if you are correct. (Double-clicking on an answer will “fly” you in to see that place up close.)

Have fun and good luck!

New to Google Earth? Here’s a “Getting Started” user guide.

Google Earth and Geography Awareness Week

Educators, get a new perspective on the planet and the theme of this year’s Geography Awareness Week. Explore the world using Google Earth (an interactive 3-D model of the globe with high-resolution imagery) and find related classroom materials on Google’s new Educators site.

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17 thoughts on “Geography Awareness Quiz: Test Your Africa IQ

  1. Es lo que buscaba y necesitaba para complementar mis conocimientos y poderlos transmitir con quienes tengo relaciones y comunicación, especialmente estudiantes de mi iudad,Medellín y mi País.Colombia.-Si hubiese existido esta tecnología hace 50 años, cuando estudiaba…seguro, ahora sería mucho mejor.Pero aún puedo intentarlo y lograrlo.Unavez más MIL GRACIAS !

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  3. Its an old post – but fortunately the Google site is still available. Nicely done and very intersting – a lot to learn and/or educate about Africa.

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  6. Hi Jill and Eileen,
    I wish there were an easy way to answer your question about how we created the Geography Awareness Quiz in Google Earth.
    We have some experienced Google Earth users here at National Geographic who also do KML programming—the script that Google Earth is programmed in. If you are familiar with KML programming, then you can do many spectacular things with Google Earth, as you can see in Google Earth’s online community, as well as the many Google Earth and GIS blogs (such as Google Earth Blog and Using Google Earth) that have sprung up since its creation. If you are not familiar with KML programming, the Web is packed with tutorials and advice to get you up to speed. Start with Google’s own Google Earth tutorial.
    We love the idea that you would use this activity format in your classroom. We have heard at geography/technology education conferences that teachers are interested in this, although it may seem daunting to create your own activities. However, teachers across the world are recognizing Google Earth as a valuable resource for geography classrooms.
    I encourage you to explore these helpful sites and blogs that discuss using Google Earth in the classroom:
    Google Earth for Educators
    Google Earth Lessons
    Juicy Geography’s Google Earth Blog
    Google Earth Resources for Geography Teachers
    I hope this information helps!
    —Jessica Wdowiarz, National Geographic Education and Children’s Programs

  7. lütfen afrika ve dogadaki hayvanlar hakkinda video, mpeg, ve pdf belge gönderirseniz sevinirim.

  8. Hi Michaela, there are three ways to see how geo-savvy you are. The best way is to try your hand at the National Geographic-Roper Survey of Geographic Literacy. This is the survey that showed us that most young Americans aren’t very geographically literate. All the questions from the survey are there, so you can see how you stack up against young Americans. Good luck, and thanks for your question. —My Wonderful World staff

  9. On the site my wonderful world i am supposed to find a spot that says find out your geography IQ Does anybody know how to help me because i am lost

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