What’s the Most Interesting Place in the World?

One_3 It’s a big world, full of fascinating places (like the Galápagos Islands, destination for our first My Wonderful World sweepstakes). What’s the most interesting place to you? It could be as extreme as the Arctic Circle, as traditional as Paris or Rome, or as simple as your own hometown.

Tell us!

23 thoughts on “What’s the Most Interesting Place in the World?

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  2. we may find a lot of to interesting places in the world. I,ve visited some of them. I think that beirut and lebanese mountains are the most interesting. just go and check yourself.

  3. i finkk thee mostt intersetinn placee iss noo wheree cuss itt wass all madee the samedd andd pepz avv madee it lykk wt it iss 😀 Samieey<—ilu..XXxX

  4. For me Australia is the most interesting place in the world because it is a land of contrasts, with the oldest and the youngest history, harsh conditions and a relaxed mentality, searing heat and monsoons but also snowy mountains and cold, wind blasted coastlines, an essentially flat country with a vast array of mountains, a dry land with huge water reserves, vast empty spaces and some of the tallest forests in the world. Amazing natural beauty with it’s unending coastline and strange rock formations. Incredible discoveries are still being made every year, and while it’s architecture and engineering feats may not be as old and accomplished as those of the romans or egyptians, the diversity of life here rivals that of the amazon and nothing can hold a candle to one of mother natures finest creations. Fair dinkum, mate.

  5. There is no place like China!
    It has long rivers, high mountains, deep lakes, wide lands.
    It has fantastic ancient history & culture!
    It is changing every second.
    It is the centre of the world.
    It has delicious food & wonderful opera!
    It has wild animals & great population.
    Welcome to China!

  6. Pakistan is the greatest natural beauty in the whole world. Especially the town of Abbottabad!

  7. I think that Beruit Lebanon is the most interesting place. My mother was born there and has told me many wonderful stories of her adventures there. There is war there now, but it does not take away the natural beauty and the kind hearts of the people. I love to learn about war and history. Even the Bible talks about the splendor of Lebanon…….. the magnificent cedar trees.

  8. I don’t think it is appropriate to ask what’s the most interesting place in the world. It is totally a subjective question. Matter-of-factly, every place has its own uniqueness and its beauty is different or not entirely same in every people’s eyes. The role of a traveler is to experience what the places offer them in physical, spritual or any other forms of senses. Ranking is not that important. The sentence never should have a superlative. It is relative in the most naive sense.

  9. Hmmm… Intresting… India.. thats one place where I think i will find intresting for a long long time…

  10. i think the most interesting place nowadays is the valley of bamian or simply all afghanistan because it has so many fascinating places like large budha band e ameer and the north places of afghanistan are so much interesting

  11. I like Rome really much but there are a few places that i like very much to.
    The first country: Greece: Paxos, with its beautifal nature and its beautifal sunsets and sunrises, i really love it!! Athena, my favorite worldcity, The Acropolis, The Parthenon… wonderful city
    The second country:
    Freeport on Grand Bahama, Eleuthera Island, Andros Island and the worldcity Nassau, are all beautifal islands of the beautifal islands of The Bahamas.

  12. Perhaps the most interesting place in the world is the Pamirs, part of the NW Kindu Kush bordering Tajikstan, Afghanistan, and China – and therein, Lake Sarez, a giant effeverscent blue aquamarine lake, shining in the sun, created only about 100 years ago after an earthquake. Clear, beautiful and striking as my home in Alaska can be…

  13. I would say that France is one of the most fascinating places to visit. Of course, there is Paris, a wonderful city to visit and Reims, home of champagne caves to explore, but there is so much more. From the Roman colesseum in Nimes to the Pont du Gard aqueduct to the coastal areas such as the wonderful town of Villefranche Sur Mer(about 10 miles from ) , to Provenence and the old town, Les Baux, to the medieval city of Carcassone, the alpine cities of Annecy and Chamonix(and the Mer de glace and Aiguille du Midi), the prehistoric cave area of Les Ezies(Font de Gume and Lascaux 2) and and probably one of the most fascinating places in the world, Mount Saint Michel, France has so much to see. Just remembering all my trips to this fascinating country, makes me want to grab my passport and return for another visit.

  14. Surely South America has to be one of the most interesting places on the planet. Brazil with its natural beauty, the Beaches of Rio, the amazon rainforest. So much culture with its love for football and carnival atmosphere. Then there is Peru, history in Machu picchu and so much diversity with the andes and desert area. There is everything.

  15. This is a great question. It’s funny that you mention Rome — I think it’s the most intersting place. I love the history there, especially in the Forum. I can’t wait to see what other people post!

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