“What Happened to Geography?”

The United States is not the only country where geography education—and knowledge—is lacking. Here’s a great column from On Line Opinion, an Australian social and political debate site. In it, a Macquarie University professor laments Australia’s dearth of geography education: “Do our schoolchildren not need to know about the country in which they live and how it differs from other places in the world, and why?”

And in the United Kingdom, the Give Geography Its Place campaign strives, as does My Wonderful World, to increase awareness of the importance of geography.

Check out these sites and let us know what you think—is the lack of geography education a worldwide problem?

One thought on ““What Happened to Geography?”

  1. As part of the ‘Give Geography its Place’ Campaign, we are asking people with a keen interest in geography to share with us their top 5-10 geography-related websites. What websites should all geography fans have in their favourites list? After a while, we will count the votes and create a Top 30 list.
    Send your suggestions to:


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