A Geography Lesson for Andy Rooney

Did you happen to catch 60 Minutes this Sunday? The show’s in-house curmudgeon, Andy Rooney, focused his weekly commentary on geography—or rather, his lack of knowledge of it. You can see the video and read a transcript of the piece here.

Then tell us: Do you agree with Andy? Should adults have to go back to school for educational brush-ups every so often?

One thought on “A Geography Lesson for Andy Rooney

  1. Maybe with the legislation mentioned a couple posts earlier, the emphasis for teaching will change. That would be fabulous.
    However, I believe that until geography becomes part of “high stakes” testing it will not be taught by all elementary teachers. I loathe the idea of the testing, but I’m torn because I know that unless teachers know how to integrate their subjects, it isn’t likely to be part of the daily lesson plan.
    I love teaching geography and believe that we have to get it together soon, as our lack of global savvy keeps getting we Americans into costly messes.

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