Where’s Nauru?

Map_country_nauru My Wonderful World gets a great plug in the November National Geographic magazine:

“Despite daily news coverage of Iraq, six in ten young adults ages 18 to 24 can’t find that country on a map. Seventy-five percent of them can’t find Indonesia, major site of damage from the 2004 tsunami. National Geographic, along with partners including 4-H, the Asia Society, and the National PTA, hope to improve geographic literacy with My Wonderful World—a five-year call to action for children, parents, and schools.

“November 12-18 is Geography Awareness Week: Go to My Wonderful World now to test your global IQ and discover ways to bring geography into the home and classroom. You might just learn that Nauru is an island nation in the western Pacific, and the world’s smallest independent republic.”

Want to know more about Nauru—and every other country in the world? Explore National Geographic’s People and Places supersite.


5 thoughts on “Where’s Nauru?

  1. Hi Pablo,
    Thanks for your comment. I checked out your blog, which was great for helping me practice my Spanish. Stamps are a neat way to explore the world’s geography!
    Sarah Jane


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