Get a Geography Club Going

Club September’s here, and that means back-to-school time. Want a great way to get involved with your child’s school AND build enthusiasm for geography? Start a geography club.

My Wonderful World coalition member NCGE (the National Council for Geographic Education) has it all laid out for you–information on getting a club started, plus a monthly set of activities.

Show kids how fun geography can be! And who knows–maybe you’ll learn a little something too.

Tell us: does your school have a geography club?

6 thoughts on “Get a Geography Club Going

  1. I hope more schools will concentrate on making clubs like this. This will really benefit our children and they will really develop many skills.

  2. Hi Steve,
    It’s great to hear that you plan to start a geography club at your school. Keep us posted; we’d love to feature your activities on the blog!
    Sarah Jane

  3. Sadly, my school does not have a geography club; however, I am determined to start one in a couple weeks! I am going to take advantage of this site to help me start it: The Cross Explorers!

  4. Our geography club is actually a competitive academic team. The concept has now spread to three other area schools. We are hosting an open invitational tournament in geography on March 8, 2007, if your school is interested in competing or just taking a look at our programs. Our kids are having a blast and becoming incredibly geographically competent.

  5. My son’s middle school has a geography club and he loves it. They take GPS units out to the park and try to find buried treasure. They’ve also gone on great field trips where they make their own maps. My daughter can’t wait until she’s in middle school so she can join too. — Garry H.

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