Who Says You Can’t Plot Happiness?

Happinessmap_1 Looking for happiness? Head to Denmark but avoid Burundi. So says a British psychologist who has created the first “world map of happiness.” (Read a news story.) Adrian White used data such as health care, wealth, and education to create his list of happy nations. The Danes came out on top, along with European neighbors Switzerland, Austria, and Iceland. Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Moldova join Burundi at the bottom. Countries in conflict, such as Iraq and Liberia, weren’t included.

Image courtesy Adrian White, Analytic Social Psychologist, University of Leicester

8 thoughts on “Who Says You Can’t Plot Happiness?

  1. I do believe the high rates of suicide in northern countries are due to it’s 6 month long night. Must give them one hell of a seasonal affective disorder, and general depressed mood. That in fact is probably a key in determining things like this.. location. Obviously folks in warm but non-tsunami/hurricane ridden places will be happier than those stuck in the dark and cold.


  2. Ronald T. – great point! Check out this URL regarding suicide rates. That certainly makes one wonder about the validity of the “study” doesn’t it?
    Still, I really like the idea of plotting happiness as opposed to money!


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